A delicious, fruity take on the regular G&T.


For the Rhubarb Syrup:

Rhubarb 250g (4 stalks approx.) roughly chopped

Caster Sugar 110g

Water 375 ml

Lime, juiced 1 ea, save peels

Lemon Thyme 4-5 sprigs, optional


Place Rhubarb, water, sugar & spent lime peels in a saucepan. Bring to a simmer and cook until the rhubarb becomes very soft, 12-15 minutes.

Pour the mixture through a strainer set over a bowl to let the syrup run through. . Cool before using. Refrigerate for a up to week. This makes more than you need.

Save the rhubarb pulp and eat with porridge or over ice cream



Rhubarb Syrup 45ml

Lime Juice 30ml

Gin 60ml

Tonic Water 60ml


Lime Slices for garnish


Fill up a glass with ice, pour in the rest of the ingredients, stir garnish with a wheel of lime, enjoy!